Google Showing Real-Time Search Results from Twitter

One of the reasons I rarely blog any more is because I have migrated to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Let's Face(book) it (sorry!) -- why would you write an essay about one or two links, when it's easier to write a line or two about them?

Social media have changed the landscape of the web over the last few years, and have even posed a threat to Google. Why? Well, the information you find on Google is OLD compared to the information that's on social media. Okay, much of social media's "information" is little more than prattle, it's value is in it's immediacy. Social media gives us the instant opinion. When we hear a rumour, a breaking news story -- it's social media we want to search, not out-of-date web pages.

Recognising the threat, Google is trying hard to catch up, and today I first noticed results from Twitter showing up at or near the top of my Google results page. Indeed, it seems that Google has been integrating social media results since December, although today was the first time they showed up on my page (perhaps they have been rolling the feature out geographically, or else I hadn't typed in a search that would trigger the results). Yesterday's Telegraph reports that traffic to Twitter has increased noticeably since Google introduced this feature.

Here's what the results look like:

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