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While Web 2.0 usually refers to functional aspects of websites, graphic designers also use the term as shorthand for the look-and-feel that is currently popular on trendy websites.

You know it when you see it: funky orange or lime green gradients, giant buttons, curvy edges, starry-circle-shaped stickers, etc.

To jump on this bandwagon, you can get started by downloading the Web 2.0 Photoshop styles, gradients and badges, produced (and distributed free) by Deziner Folio.

I used them to knock up a masthead for my latest plaything website, Advertising the Future.

How I found this site? Through Smashing Magazine's Best of May/June 2007. Smashing Magazine is the web 2.0 equivalent of Webmonkey.

Tags: photoshop, web 2.0


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