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My article on blogs as marketing tools was published on the Jimworld site today.

Jimworld is a web marketing hub and home to an active webmaster community. They also set up a discussion thread on the article.

Here's the opening section:

The practice of keeping Web logs (or "blogging") has become the latest phenomenon to sweep the Internet. An estimated 1.3 million blogs have been created on the Web, roughly two-thirds of which are still active (source:, September 2003).

Blogging started as something of a hobby for Web designers, but it is fast spreading to the business world. Some businesspeople use Web logs as a way of sharing their knowledge, their opinions, and their experiences with a wider audience. These corporate bloggers are people who see value in promoting themselves and in creating new virtual communities.

Business blogging isn't something you should rush into, however. Keeping a Web log involves a serious personal commitment. And just as a good blog enhances your brand, a Web log with poor or irregularly updated content reflects badly on its owner.

Still, if approached correctly, blogging can be an innovative and effective way to market your business and yourself, and to make new and long-term connections with individuals you would otherwise never have met.

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Pat Breslin / October 15, 2003 6:27 PM / #

Well done on getting the article in Jim world Mike. It is a good read and a very innovative subject.

michael heraghty / October 16, 2003 2:23 PM / #

Thanks Pat! I'm hoping to write more articles like that in the future. I'll keep you posted here, of course, of anything else I write elsewhere.

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