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you are fat

To add this banner to your site, simply cut and paste the source code.

I was reading a how-to guide on viral marketing and realised that I'd already carried out a successful campaign on the web. I didn't need any e-marketing software products (a.k.a spam generators or 'scumware') -- just the simple banner ad I've pasted here.

I originally created this ad for my Diaryland site. It was designed to run only within the members area -- i.e. the banner was only displayed to a selection of others with accounts on Diaryland, who would see it when logged into their private pages.

Yet from this small group I had a huge response. An average of 5.5% of users who saw the banner clicked on it.

So I created a page here on Mediajunk just for the ad, and gave it the name "insulting advertising". The result? Many webmasters have copied the banner to their sites, and the page now comes up in the top 10 Google results for a search on the word "insulting". Traffic to my Diaryland site increased significantly.

The moral? Viral marketing isn't as hard as you might think.

Update: I have since added viral marketing to the services offered by Mediajunk.



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